What does Good means,Why are we good,Are we really?

     A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.

Nelson Mandela


Well I often asked myself this question am I a good person? Hmmm.. Have you ever asked yourself this question?..well I did and you know what is the answer I gets everytime ..First my mind will say”Not possible you..piece of shi..#,.’:;…u did that,remember you did this..etc etc” so basically my mind relates some random acts(Like telling behind my boss what a dumb As# he is..which definitely think as a bad act by many of my peers or others )that  I have done in my past and tells me that I am really not a good person, but in the meantime there is a second voice in my head which Try to recall  specifically the good acts (Like helping a poor with money,education..blah blah or returning the nickel that I had stolen from father pocket Whatever!!!basically the acts which are redeemed as good deeds in the eye of others)that I did and tells me “No you are not a bad person it just can’t be”.

So in this dilemma what often happens is either I will fall asleep or “Get up from bed as I will be very late for something”. So my question is “What does Good means,who is a good person?I believe its..basically doing something for others who the others thinks is a good thing.So by doing that thing we become good in other people eyes as well as in our mind you will create an image of our self as a good person, well which definitely going  boost our morality.And once you get the idea you will try to do those thing and avoid anything that redeemed as a bad act in front of other to become a Good person.

BUT have you ever asked yourself before doing something “is that what I want to do” Let’s suppose your next promotion is in corner and we all know during these time around the year some people tries to project something which they are really not in reality. Your colleague “Pawel” is a nice and popular  person who helps others in activities and work related tasks,But recently you come to know that he does misbehave with his wife often and very often goes home as a drunk person which does  cause disturbance to there personal life.

So in your office “Vote for your favorite colleague” (who gets good ratings are eligible for awards and are very much likely to be seen as a good candidate for next promotion by your management )is happening.You had a discussion among your good colleague friends whom to vote,and the name of “Pawel”  was raised by one of your colleague giving the explanation how Pawel has helped him last month solving his salary issue with the HR department.like that 3 and 4 more people have agreed on Pawel’s behavior with other colleague Now  as you recently came to know about Pawel’s personality should you tell your colleagues too about it, “WHAT WILL YOU DO?  Well will it not affect your morality if you do not tell them(as I am a good person) ?as they should also know his other character (Private) too before taking any decision and if you tell them what they might think(as till now you are doing things which are certified as a good deeds by others) Will they might think you are being selfish and telling them now  for your own benefit of getting the voting for yourself.

So what Decision should you take????

WHY ARE WE GOOD??.. Is it because  if we don’t behave good people will recognize us as bad and we will be treated differently (not in a nice way) by others.is that why we are being Good? Or are we being Good because  people and our society won’t accept us(not calling for events social or personal, castaway)is that the reason so? Basically my question is  are we good because we want to be?   Or it is because we will not be getting some benefits out of this in our life??

So lastly (not least) I believe the question that are we really a good person or a bed person depends on the deeds that we do and the social structure that we belongs,Because every community and society have there own blueprint for living a Life..if you fit into those you are Good and if you Don’t well let’s just say”he is not a Good person”

Well I am not against any laws and regulations.,rituals or religion but I believe it is not on us to tell or teach a person how to become a Good person because you never know what actions and believes you might think are good might not be Good enough for other’s.

My Question” What is Good ,and who is a Good person “!!








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  1. TSP says:

    I think we’re “good” because we fear being social outcasts. It’s natural human nature to fear being excluded from groups. We also behave well because we’re conditioned to do so throughout our lives – there is a stigma attached to being defiant. Those are my thoughts. Great share 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, that is well said!!

      Liked by 1 person

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