“Moment’s The real life photography!


I started this page in Facebook not so long ago as I wanted to show  that each photograph we took or click is worth something,  it doesn’t deserve to be deleted or stored in a hard drive where after few weeks and months you will forget about them.Each of them holds an unique moments.

Merry Lights!!

Well sometimes life become very much bored to us,so all we might need a different perspective to see the things that we are seeing regularly, and I believe that can be done through your camera lens.

The View!!

I am not a professional photographer,but I do love capturing moments whatever makes me happy and feel good at that time.The world is a beautiful place, No matter where you live,start appreciate your surroundings you will definitely find a new Spot!!


In this busy schedule of life,we hardly get time for ourselves,so it is very much important that we take some timeout from our busy day to day routine and see the beauty that surrounds us,It is important to have control over all the aspect of Life to enjoy it to the fullest.

Daily show!


So Next time you go out,take some times to see your surroundings you may get a perfect shoot too..

The walk!!
The Walk

 All the pics I have displayed here are captured by mobile(Sony Experia z)if I must be specific, and have used some software that comes along with it and some that I use in my laptop.

-Hope you guys like the pics and concept I wanted to share!!


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  1. TSP says:

    I love how you communicated your message through pictures. Great job. You’re very creative !


    1. I am trying my best!! And will definitely try to do more.Thank you :)!

      Liked by 1 person

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