“A Lion ” in my Kitchen!!

It was a Saturday morning after a hectic week of work,I was feeling relaxed,Happy and very much Lazy!!!

Suddenly I heard some noises in my kitchen,so I got up and decided to check what it might be,At first I was not able to see what was really going on, But after taking a closure look I was able to see what was really happening..:)!!  Hope you guys enjoy it too…

I entered and saw there was a  lion standing in kitchen!!OMG LION,yes Damm!!a Lion.
I saw him staring at Something……
When looked closely I realized it was a Zebraaa….!!!!!

I got excited and souted  “”Holy..Shiiii@:#

Well I might have interrupted what could have been a thrill to watch, Watching a Lion killing a Zebra. YES that would have been something to watch.

But the next day I got another chance to watch my Lion in action..I saw him searching for the Zebra everywhere.

I saw the Lion searching everywhere for the Zebra..I mean Everywhere 😉


And on the Lucky Day.. he found it in My Bedroom..!! Yes in my bedroom 😛
He  began to crawl..and  start approaching to his target very slowly and carefully..
The situation was getting very intense…as he was getting Closer and Closer and more Closer to his target!!!



And suddenly with one strike it was   Victory!! ! For the King.

And there was blood and blood(tomato sauce if I have to be honest)  ;-).. Everywhere in my bedroom!!

Well what an Exciting day for me hope you guys have one too!!!!

P.N:The story that was told here may be a made up stroy,But the Lion and Zebra, stone, Grass used here is Totally Real as I have eat them after the story 😀 ;-).




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  1. Honestly, I have never read anything like this haha ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 hope you liked it!!Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

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